Course Description : Course Duration: 75 Hours

This Oracle Database Administration training course will teach you skills that have been
growing in demand over recent years, despite the downturn in the global economy. It will
build on the SQL*Plus and PL/SQL skills from the perspective of a technician responsible
for creating and administering physical and logical ile structures, in this powerful
relational database product.

This Oracle Database Administration training course is for technical staff who are
becoming responsible for creating and administering Oracle databases. Development staff
may also beneit from attending this class to gain an overview of the work of a Database
Administrator to aid in developing effective software systems that will be based on Oracle.

Course Content:

  Lesson 01: Database Administration

• Memory, process and disk structure
• Instances and databases
• Storage structures
• Backup and recovery
• SQL and database tuning
• Network resource management

  Lesson 02: Oracle Architecture

• Disk structures
• Parameter iles
• Control iles
• Data iles
• Redo log iles
• Password iles
• Segments, extents and blocks
• Memory areas
• Shared pool
• Buffer cache
• Processes
• Database writer
• Log writer
• System monitor
• Process monitor
• Archiver
• Processing overview

  Lesson 03: Creating a Database

• Coniguring the operating system
• Privileged account authentication
• Creating a parameter ile
• Creating a database
• Creation commands
• Post creation actions
• Data dictionary management

  Lesson 04: Starting and Stopping Oracle

• Instance processing overview
• Startup command
• Startup stages
• Command options
• Shutdown commands and options
• Checking instance status
• Using the alert logs
• Trace iles

  Lesson 05: Tablespaces, Datailes and Rollback Segments

• Structure review
• Tablespace types
• System tablespace
• Non-system tablespaces
• Inside a tablespace
• Locally managed and dictionary managed tablespaces
• Datailes
• Tablespace and dataile management
• Segments, extents and blocks
• Rollback segment operations
• Creating and managing rollback segments

  Lesson 06: Tables and Indexes

• Creating tables
• Data types
• Creation and management commands
• Inside a table
• Table management (alter, drop, move)
• Partitioned tables
• Indexes
• Creating indexes and setting storage criteria
• Index management

  Lesson 07: Database Integrity

• Creating, altering and dropping constraints
• Enabling and disabling constraints
• Constraints and indexes
• More on index types
• Index-organised tables
• Bitmap indexes
• Reverse key indexes

  Lesson 08: User and Resource Management

• User accounts overview
• Resource proiles
• System and password limits
• Profile management
• Authentication choices:
• Password
• Operating system
• Database
• Users and tablespaces
• Privileges and roles
• Creating and managing user account
• Tablespace quotas; data dictionary

  Lesson 09: Privileges

• User and system privileges
• Assigning privileges to users
• Using roles
• Stored code privileges
• Invoker and definers rights

  Lesson 10: Oracle Best Practices

• User and system privileges
• Assigning privileges to users
• Using roles
• Stored code privileges
• Invoker and deiners rights