Course Description : Course Duration: 36 Hours

This training course will provide you with the skills to conigure a MikroTik RouterOS Routerboard as a dedicated router, a bandwidth manager, a secure router, a bandwidth manager, a secure irewall appliance, a simple wireless firewall appliance, a simple wireless access point, a VPN Server or Client or an access point, a VPN Server or Client or an Internet Hotspot concentrator etc. It is a course that covers the basics for those that new to MikroTik RouterOS and concentrates on the basics of setting up a MikroTik device.

Course Content:

  Lesson 01: MikroTik Installation, license and package up gradation

PC and Router Based Mikrotik IOS Install
Version upgrade, version downgrade
New package install

  Lesson 02: IP Access and NAT

Gateway, DNS add
Private IP NAT

  Lesson 03: Bandwidth Manage

Bandwidth Control: Day-night package
Shared Control
Burst Limit

  Lesson 04: IP restriction, user management and MRTG

MAC restrict on IP
MRTG create
Administrative User restrictions
Read Only User

  Lesson 05: Proxy Configurtion

Web proxy
Parent Proxy
Website Filter
Virus Port Block
Idle IP block
IP lock / open

  Lesson 06: DHCP Server

DHCP Server Configure
MAC restrict
Bandwidth Control

  Lesson 07: E-mail Backup and restore

Backup create and restore

  Lesson 08: Bridge, NTP, VLAN

Bridge mode configure

NTP Client (TIme Server IP) configure

VLAN configure

Sub Interface Create

  Lesson 09: PPPoE server configuration

PPPoE Server
Profile, User, Windows dialer

  Lesson 10: Routing

Static/Specific Routing

OSPF for Auto redundancy
OSPF for auto-routing table update
BGP for auto redundancy for LAN side
Real IP (Own IP and AS number required).

  Lesson 11: Firewall and Log Generate

Client’s Browsing history(log) view and
store in windows PC
Basic Firewall
Port monitoring
Advance Firewall
packet marking
High Bandwidth on certain host/IP
No bandwidth control on ping.

  Lesson 12: VPN Configuration

VPN Server
VPN client
VPN windows dialer to connect any PC with private IP of head office

  Lesson 13: Link Redundancy solution

Link Redundancy with fail over
Load Balance
Bandwidth merge of different link

  Lesson 14: Hotspot solution

Hotspot solution
Prepaid Card Pin generate for different
speed and different validity

  Lesson 15: Wireless, Fiber, Radio Link Configuration

Wireless access point
Radio Link P2P or Multi Point
Optical Fiber Connectivity etc.