Course Features

Duration3 months
Skill LevelAdvanced

Seat:30 seat

Course Time:3 months

CCNA Routing & Switching (200-301)

A Cisco CCNA Routing and Switching Course provides you with the knowledge and expertise to succeed in networking, even as technologies continue to evolve. The program teaches you to install, monitor, and troubleshoot the network infrastructure products that are at the very heart of the Internet of Things. Our CCNA Routing & Switching (200-301) course include Basic Hardware, Network Architecture and Cabling, IPV4, IPV6, Switching, Routing and also  basic security. Our courses will be conducted entirely according to the CCNA’s new syllabus (200-301). So, if you want to build a career in networking, you must do this course.

Course Requirement

  • 1Basic Hardware
  • 2Explore the functions of Networking
  • 3Network Architecture and Cabling
  • 4Setup Cisco routers and switches
  • 5OSI Model
  • 6Understand Ethernet and Switch Operation
  • 7TCP/IP
  • 8IPv4 Addressing & Sub-netting
  • 9Sub-netting, VLSM, Summarization
  • 10Understand how a LAN Operates
  • 11Establish Internet Connectivity
  • 12Understand cabling, patch panels and tools
  • 13Manage Network Device Security
  • 14Configure a Wireless Access Point
  • 15Troubleshoot common issues
  • 16Dynamic Routing Protocols
  • 17Enhanced IGRP (EIGRP)
  • 18Open Shortest Path Fast
  • 19NAT & PAT, SDM
  • 20Implement VLANs and Trunks
  • 21Route between VLANs
  • 22Secure Administrative Access
  • 23Configure IPv6 Routing
  • 24Become Familiar with Cisco ISO
  • 25Security (Basic)