Course Features

Duration3 months
Skill LevelAdvanced

Seat:30 seat

Course Time:3 months

Certified Network Defender (CND)

The Certified Network Defender (CND) course is a vendor-neutral, hands-on, instructor-led comprehensive network security certification training program that prepares Network Administrators on network security technologies and operations to attain Defence-in-Depth network security skills. Basically this course is for Network Administrators, Network security Administrators, Network Security Engineer, Network Defense Technicians, CND Analyst, Security Analyst, Security Operator or Anyone who involves in network operations.

Course Requirement

  • 1Computer network and defense fundamentals
  • 2Network security threats, vulnerabilities, and attacks
  • 3Network security controls, protocols, and devices
  • 4Network security policy design and implementation
  • 5Physical security
  • 6Host security
  • 7Secure firewall configuration and management
  • 8Secure ids configuration and management
  • 9Secure VPN configuration and management
  • 10Wireless network defense
  • 11Network traffic monitoring and analysis
  • 12Network risk and vulnerability management
  • 13Data backup and recovery
  • 14Network incident response and management