Course Features

Duration3 months
Skill LevelAdvanced

Seat:30 seat

Course Time:3 months

ASP.NET using C#

ASP.NET is an open-source, server-side web-application framework designed for web development to produce dynamic web pages. It was developed by Microsoft to allow programmers to build dynamic web sites, applications and services. In this course we will give you a review of C# Syntax. Besides you will know about creating Methods, Handling Exceptions, Monitoring Applications, Creating classes and implementing, Type-safe collections, Accessing Database & Remote Data, Creating a class hierarchy by using Inheritance, Reading and writing local Data, Designing the user interface for a Graphical Application, Improving Application Performance and Responsiveness, Integrating with Unmanaged code.

Course Requirement

  • 1Introduction to ASP.NET
  • 2Web Forms Architecture
  • 3ASP.NET and HTTP
  • 4Web Applications Using Visual Studio
  • 5State Management and Web Applications
  • 6Server Controls
  • 7Caching in ASP.NET
  • 8ASP.NET Configuration and Security Fundamentals
  • 9Debugging, Diagnostics and Error Handling
  • 10More Server Controls
  • 11ADO.NET and LINQ
  • 12Data Access in ASP.NET
  • 13Personalization and Security
  • 14Introduction to ASP.NET AJAX
  • 15HTTP Pipeline