Q-1: A simply supported beam A carries a point load at its mid span. Another identical beam B carries the same
    load but uniformly distributed over the entire span. The ratio of the maximum deflections of the beams A
    and B, will be

    Q-2: The locus of reaction of a two hinged semi-circular arch, is

    Q-3: To control corrosion, concrete with _________ is used.

    Q-4: In a whitewash, after how many hours is dissolved gum added to the solution?

    Q-5: Which IS codes give details about elevators?

    Q-6: The slope of a ramp should not be more than:

    Q-7: Size, capacity and materials need be specified for

    Q-8: The expected out turn of 12 mm plastering with cement mortar is

    Q-9: The nominal size of ballast used for points and crossings is

    Q-10: How many types of cracks can occur in a building?